Published on 17 Feb 2012 at 10:23 am

31 January 2012 marked the beginning of a new and exciting journey for APHS, with the APHS-HOCA transaction finalised. This marks the true evolution of our Integrated Clinical Oncology Network (ICON) and vision to provide exceptional private day cancer care for all Australians. The final transaction saw all HOCA shareholders commit to the ICON vision, with the doctor cohort owning around 40% of ICON and APHS holding the remainder. This is a perfect result, one which enables us to draw on HOCA’s exceptional model of care and APHS’ national footprint to grow well beyond the south-east Queensland corner.

Over the last couple of years APHS has developed a growing presence in the oncology sector. This is the direct result of an internal strategy APHS has been building under the ICON project. The first phase of this strategy was to establish APHS as a preferred provider of pharmacy services for day oncology centres. The second phase was to secure partnerships with day oncology centres and thus participate in the delivery of direct cancer care. With 4 day oncology hospitals and over 200 staff across south-east Queensland, HOCA is the largest private oncology provider in Australia and the perfect partner to help deliver an exceptional approach to private cancer care for all Australians.

In line with the transaction, Dr Brett Robinson has formally stepped into the role of ICON CEO leading all HOCA sites and delivering on the vision.