Hospital Dispensary Staff APHS currently services over 2000 private hospital beds nationwide. Our success results from recognising the unique needs of each hospital and delivering a pharmacy services that supportes their patients. Our service model includes:

Pharmacy management: providing hospitals with an improved medication management system that contains the cost of medicines. In addition to daily dispensary management, this service focuses on auditing current systems to improve the quality and timeliness of service delivery. With a thorough understanding of clinical risk management, APHS delivers hospital staff with the necessary education to minimise risk and ensure best practice in the area of medication administration.

Clinical review: entails the assessment of a patient’s medication regimen to ensure the optimum combination of medications and minimise the risk of any subsequent readmission due to medication misadventure.

Supply management: gives hospitals access to the cost efficiencies available within a national supply network, while focusing on optimising their use of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and minimising medication wastage.

Consulting: allows hospitals to utilise the expertise of our experienced hospital pharmacists for the benefit of their patients and practitioners. The provision of one on one discharge counselling and medication advice systems not only ensures the patient has a sound understanding of their medications, but assists in the important flow of information between treating and referring practitioners

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